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Crypto Automated

Dollar Cost Average


EMA Trigger

Take Profit

Stop Loss

ArbitEngine automates trading so you can accumulate gains, faster.
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Crypto Automated

Do you want to save time by automating trades and surfacing opportunities? Let ArbitEngine do it.

Crypto Technical Analysis

Are you interested in setting trades on technical analysis triggers? You can set it and forget it. Let ArbitEngine do it.

Take Profit

Do you want automated trades with preset take-profit and stop-loss? Let ArbitEngine do it.

Dollar Cost Averaging

Do you want to trade regardless of market movement and take profit using a steady approach? Let ArbitEngine do it.


Are you looking for opportunities to profit from market inefficiency? Let ArbitEngine do it.


Future Integrations

ArbitEngine is adding new integrations all the time. If you don't see your favorite exchange now we'd love to hear from you. Check back often and subscribe to receive updates.

Do you use another tool for crypto trading? No problem, let ArbitEngine take care of the automation while you continue to place the trades you want.

Prefer watching trades in real-time or want your own offline record of trade activity? With ArbitEngine you can easily export trade logs.

Do you want to be notified when a trade completes, or when the market data moves out of your target range, you can configure ArbitEngine to send notifications.