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About ArbitEngine

Crypto. Automated. That is the foundation of ArbitEngine.

At ArbitEngine, our mission is to bring advanced trading capabilities to casual crypto investors through automation. We make high-performing trading algorithms simple and accessible, allowing you to easily maximize your returns with our platform, even without specialized trading knowledge.

We believe that trading cryptocurrency requires automation. The decentralized nature of crypto leaves investors without traditional support. Most exchanges fail to provide the necessary tools for average investors to execute strategies without relying on manual trades. Trading bots often have complicated configurations and offer little confidence in their performance.

Conceptualized in 2015, and after nearly a decade of research, we launched the ArbitEngine Automated Trading Platform in 2023. Our platform is designed to offer a hassle-free trading experience to the average investor, maximizing their benefits with minimal effort. Our research team continuously tests new strategies over years of historical data to ensure their effectiveness during large market fluctuations.

We package all of our research into our platform and bring it to you in a simple and straightforward UI that you can set and forget. Our platform automates trades on your exchange, minimizing the impact of massive fluctuations in the market. With our platform, you never have to worry about getting stuck in a position, as our automated system takes care of the trades for you.

ArbitEngine never holds your money. Our non-custodial trading platform gives you complete control of your funds at all times. You can add, remove, or stop trading at any time.